Working With Customer Complaints Via Social Media

Social media provides a great platform for business owners to communicate with customers on a personal level.  It also provides opportunities for companies to get more creative in their marketing efforts, and allows them to tap into the power of their customer base – these are all good things.  On the other hand, social media gives customers the chance to complain and vent their frustrations in front of 1,000’s of people with the push of a button.  Customers realize the effectiveness of publicly calling out companies and every business will face this at some point.

So, how do you deal with an upset customer on social media?  What is the best way to handle customer complaints on social media?  Many small business owners want to just ignore the posts, hoping they’ll go away – this is not the answer.  All legitimate complaints should be directly addressed and not with a canned response either.  Your customers are smart enough to know when you’re really trying, and when you’ve just copied and pasted something.  Pardot created an infographic to categorize the top five types of social media complainers, and gives advice on how to deal with them.

Take a look at this infographic the next time you get an angry tweet sent your way!

5 types of social media customers


  1. Jared Neilson says

    This is a great infographic. It’s not really rocket science to figure out customer types, but having it spelled out like this would probably help. Especially if you’ve got an upset customer and you may not be thinking rationally (sometimes we let emotions get in the way of our judgement when someone is attacking the business we’ve worked so hard to build).

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